physics for kids

After our last Tinker Crate, my son immediately asked me when we would be getting the next one.  I told him not for another month, and his face fell.  He loves making, learning, and experimenting with things, as well as uninterrupted time with mom. When last month’s box finally came […]

The Mechanics Behind Our Hands

For Spring Break this past year, we decided to head to the grandparents’ house is New Mexico. There the boys could run outside, play in real snow, and experience some of my own childhood memories. Spending a whole week with my super active first grader trying to keep him entertained, […]

Learning about Friction while Playing in the Snow

My kids got a lot of great learning toys this Christmas. None of them are your traditional “learning” toy though. One of their educational toys is one kids have been playing with since I was a kid. The toy is not traditionally thought of as educational, but while I watched […]

A Fun way to Teach Newton’s First Law of Motion

My son loves figuring things out.  The kid can work on Legos for hours on end!  I wanted to feed his love of problem solving, so I’ve been coming up with engineering projects for him.  Each week, my goal was to come up with a project based on a concept […]

Learning about Optics with Two Fun Light Experiments!

In my post Toys that Teach Engineering, I wrote about five engineering toys that teach engineering principles, and were lots of fun.  One way to save on these and other toys is by buying them through Groupon Coupons! Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Save Money on […]

Save Money on Engineering Toys with Groupon Coupons!

In my post Engineering with RC Cars, I wrote about how we taught our son about being an engineer by investigating and upgrading his remote control car.  Along with upgrading the equipment, we also taught him about reliability engineering. Teach Kids about Reliability Engineering! Post contains affiliate links. Please see […]

Teach Kids about Reliability Engineering!

I’m teaching my oldest son about different types of engineers. By helping him learn what different types of engineers do, I’m hoping he’ll have a better idea what an engineer really is! To teach him about being a process engineer, I created a simple game called “How’s it Made?”! Be […]

Be a Process Engineer: Play “How’s it made?”

For many parents, the idea of teaching a preschooler or kindergartner about forces seems ridiculous. But believe it or not, many kids are being introduced to forces as early as kindergarten. Sure, they’re not going into complicated force equations, and teaching them the difference between gravitational and friction forces, but […]

Learn about Forces at the Splash Park!