Halloween is only a week away, and our family is starting to get excited! All the boys have their costumes, the truck or treats are on the calendar, and we even have some candy ready for the actual night. But our family isn’t really ready for an occasion until we […]

Floating Ghost Magnetism STEM Activity!

During my weekly grocery trip, I took a look around. I quickly realized I was surrounded all things pumpkin! That’s how we know its officially fall in Texas. While the weather is still in the mid-90s, the pumpkin creamer, drinks, bread, chocolate, and all other pumpkin item emerge. So in […]

Pumpkin STEM Activities and Science Experiments

Our preschool year began two weeks ago, and this year I’m trying to incorporate more STEM preschool activities into my class’ day. The age of my class is around two and a half years old, so some of them have never been left with a “stranger” in a new place. […]

STEM Preschool Ideas for the First Two Weeks

What if learning to code a programming languages was like learning to speak a new language. Studies have shown that the earlier in life you are exposed to a language, the easier it is to learn the language later in life. So if you want your children to be comfortable […]

8 Baby Coding Books

Recently my boys and I used the engineering design process to design our own sprinkler system. After my son created a design we knew we could make, we designed to experiment with water flow and create a water experiment. Exploring How Water Flows through holes in a Pipe In one […]

Fun Water Experiment to Cool off in the Heat!

Its hot in Texas right now! But that really goes without saying considering its summer. Summer in Texas usually means you’re sequestered in your house, much like the Northeast during winter. But being cooped up all day with kids is a recipe for disaster. So one such hot day, the […]

Sprinkler Engineering Design Process for kids

Space amazes all kids. Even from a young age, the idea of space and all the stars, galaxies, and planets it comprised of was enough for me to get lost in my thoughts for hours. When my sister was in middle school, she was able to attend space camp, which […]

Rocket Science for Kids!

Summer in Texas has been pretty mild this year. Mornings have started in the mid 70s, getting up only to the low 90s by noon. That’s really cool for summer in Texas. My boys and I have been taking advantage of the “cooler weather”, and taking nature walks at local […]

Make the most of a Nature Walk with your kids!

Are you intimidated by the thought of STEM activities at home? My boys and I love getting hands on, and experimenting together. Most of our experiments do not even require a trip to the grocery store. A lot the activities we do together I pull together using ingredients we already […]

40+ STEM Activities for the Kitchen

About a year ago, my son and I ran an experiment with his favorite toy, beyblades. The spinning toy is still a favorite in our house, with the younger two boys joining in on the fun! For Christmas, we gave our oldest a beyblade type toy that had some difference […]

Beyblade Experiment: What affects Momentum?