For New Year’s Eve this year, my family celebrated with dinner with neighbors, and a fun STEAM activity involving coffee filters and capillary action. We watched as color exploded on the coffee filter, creating our own (safe to use inside the house) fireworks. I wanted to use a different kind […]

Semipermeable Membrane STEAM activity

Use capillary action to create beautiful fireworks at home! Using common supplies at home, watch a colors explode using water!
Whether it is New Years, July 4th, or just a really big party, there’s no better way to celebrate big than with some colorful explosions (or fireworks)! When I was a young child, we lived in a small town, and one of my many uncles owned a bit of land […]

Capillary Action Color Explosions!

I LOVE reading to my kids, both at home and at school. My favorite children’s books are ones that broaden kids imaginations, and challenge them to stretch their mind. But when teaching 2 year olds, stretching and challenging young minds looks a little bit different than the latter years of […]

“If I Built a House” Preschool STEM Activity

A few weeks ago I joined a group of bloggers to share our math art projects. I shared a geoboard my boys and I made using natural wood, and it gave me an idea! Every Christmas, my husband and I give each of our boys an ornament that reminds of […]

Geoboard Christmas Ornament STEM Activity

Thanksgiving is only a week away. This year, Thanksgiving with be at our house, for the first time! All the meal items have been assigned, and dinner time has been set. But while all the feast plans are set, it’s also important to think about the little Thanksgiving guests. While […]

8 Turkey STEM Activities for kids this Thanksgiving

Last week I had a phone conference with my youngest son’s preschool teacher. She said the only thing he needs to work on, right now, is number recognition and counting number 6 through 10. With Thanksgiving only a few short weeks away, I was reminded of a simple turkey counting […]

Simple Turkey Counting Activity

This post is part of a blog series Amazing Math Art Project for Kids, hosted by Karyn Tripp at Teach Beside Me. The blog series is in conjunction with the launch of the book Math Art & Drawing Games for Kids. Ever since a preschool conference I attended this past […]

Geoboard Art on Natural Wood

Halloween is only a week away, and our family is starting to get excited! All the boys have their costumes, the truck or treats are on the calendar, and we even have some candy ready for the actual night. But our family isn’t really ready for an occasion until we […]

Floating Ghost Magnetism STEM Activity!

During my weekly grocery trip, I took a look around. I quickly realized I was surrounded all things pumpkin! That’s how we know its officially fall in Texas. While the weather is still in the mid-90s, the pumpkin creamer, drinks, bread, chocolate, and all other pumpkin item emerge. So in […]

Pumpkin STEM Activities and Science Experiments

Our preschool year began two weeks ago, and this year I’m trying to incorporate more STEM preschool activities into my class’ day. The age of my class is around two and a half years old, so some of them have never been left with a “stranger” in a new place. […]

STEM Preschool Ideas for the First Two Weeks