Try this Volcano Experiment for a STEAM activity and Chemistry Experiment in one!
My oldest had his birthday party a couple of weeks ago. His grandparents know he LOVES science (like his mommy and dad), so all of his presents had something to do with science. This past weekend, we had some time to dig into one, and decided to open the volcano […]

The Anti-Climatic Volcano Experiment

I believe most people over-think STEM supplies. They look to technology to fill STEM classes, and have the best tablets and apps available for kids to learn. But the truth is, you don’t really need all the fancy technology to explore STEM. To me, STEM is about improving problem solving, […]

My Favorite STEM Supplies

I truly enjoy sharing my love of science and math with my kids. While I usually create activities for us to do together, I often gain inspiration from other STEM bloggers. Their creativity helps me share science experiments I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of, or different ways to teach my […]

Top STEM bloggers for the best STEM projects and activities

My husband and I met in college, both pursuing mechanical engineering degrees. Little did I know, he was also a very talented artist. He actually started college in fine arts, then transferred to engineering the same year I started college. Now he dabbles in his art after his full time […]

Appearing Snowflake: A Winter Activity for Kids

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, and my family is reallying getting into the Christmas spirit right now. My three active little boys have been busy with all the fun the season brings! And since they all love STEM activities, what better way to prepare for Christmas than […]

30+ Christmas Activities for kids who Love STEM

In the year and a half I’ve taught preschool, I have learned play is essential to learning. Instead of flash cards and worksheets, kids learn the best when lessons are incorporated into play. When it comes to STEM education, toys do not always need to be an official STEM toys for […]

10 STEM Toys to Inspire Little Engineers

My middle son is currently in his last year of preschool before starting kindergarten next fall. I absolutely LOVE the preschool program he’s in, as well as his teacher. In a recent conversation, his teacher shared with me that he tends to have troubles with one to one correspondence when […]

One to One Correspondence Preschool Counting Thanksgiving Activity

A few weeks ago my sons and I found these super fun paintballs. They’re small gel balls filled with washable watercolor paint, and perfect for kids to explore all sorts of cool science ideas. The first time we experimented with them, we discovered that the harder the paintballs were thrown, […]

Painting Pumpkins with Paintballs: A Quick STEAM Activity

My oldest son is really interested in coding. In his gifted and talented program at school, he’s had some exposure to coding, but really wants more. We’ve looked into apps, and coding toys. Then an opportunity came up to try out Cozmo by Anki. Cozmo is an adorable little coding […]

Programming with a fun Coding Robot