Why are dads always so hard to shop for? Probably because they end up buying whatever they need or want on their own, leaving their love ones with little options come gift giving time. Subscription boxes give you an opportunity to give dads something he never would have found at […]

The Perfect Gift for the Dad who loves Science!

Before starting school each day, the boys and I take a walk before starting school. During our first walk, I we picked up acorns we found around the oak trees. Then, one morning, we found an acorn with a small tree popping out of it! We continued to look for […]

Discovering the Acorn Life Cycle During Morning Walks

Much like everyone else, my family has been taking a lot walks. Along our walks, we have been picking up items that would usually be thrown away by the landscapers who maintain our neighborhood. Our finds have included acorns, sprouting trees, and a yucca plant seed pod. One day, after […]

Seed Planters – Recycling Project for Kids

Have you every done the classic egg in vinegar experiment? My oldest and I did a long time ago (like back in the day when I had a full time, put on nice clothes and go to work kind of a job). The other day, my husband brought brown eggs […]

Brown Egg in Vinegar Experiment

My oldest enters 5th grade next year. I decided to create a list of fun science experiments for us to do together during the upcoming school year. If you have a soon to be fifth grader, I encourage you to connect with you kid by doing some of the following […]

15+ Science Projects for 5th Grade!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to make some gold of our own. We used golden sanding sugar from a local craft store, and normal sugar to make our gold. But sugar crystals take a whole week to completely form. The boys wanted to make gold crystals faster! Looking […]

Grow Gold Overnight! A fun experiment for kids

A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I experimented with making 3 different types of crystals. With Saint Patrick’s day just around the corner, I wanted to do something related to the coming holiday. Our crystal experiment made me wonder if we could make our own golden crystals, and […]

Grow a Pot of Gold! Crystal Science Experiment

My oldest has really been into crystals for a few years now. Every time we go for a walk, or join our Cub Scout pack for a hike, he spends a lot of the time searching for crystals along the way. He once made crystals during an event at church, […]

Crystal Science Experiment at Home

The season of love is upon us! While we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day at our house, I don’t mind using the holiday to do some fun science experiments and STEM activities! I put together a list of over 35 heart themed science and STEM activities in honor of Valentine’s […]

Heart Themed STEAM/STEM Activities

In a previous post my son’s explored semipermeable membranes (coffee filters) by creating beautiful art. While admiring their art, I realized these would make beautiful valentines! All we needed was a change of colors, and addition of some hearts to make an adorable, custom valentine. While I contemplated ways to […]

DIY Valentine using Water Science