A few weeks ago my sons and I found these super fun paintballs. They’re small gel balls filled with washable watercolor paint, and perfect for kids to explore all sorts of cool science ideas. The first time we experimented with them, we discovered that the harder the paintballs were thrown, […]

Painting Pumpkins with Paintballs: A Quick STEAM Activity

My oldest son is really interested in coding. In his gifted and talented program at school, he’s had some exposure to coding, but really wants more. We’ve looked into apps, and coding toys. Then an opportunity came up to try out Cozmo by Anki. Cozmo is an adorable little coding […]

Programming with a fun Coding Robot

Today I have the honor of introducing you to fellow STEM blogger Crystal from The Science Kiddo.  Crystal has created a quick pumpkin experiment, perfect for introducing kids to physics! I know you’ll love it! Looking for an unforgettable way to teach kids about inertia this fall? If you have […]

Levitating Pumpkin Experiment

Our home town has a fun little group that hides painted rocks around town. Our little group shares our painted rock finds on Facebook, then re-hide the little treasures for someone else to enjoy. The boys and I have always wanted to paint some rocks to hide, instead of just […]

Caramel Apple Rock Painting Fall STEM Activity

Halloween will be here before we know it! Its time to get ready for all things spooky and scary. I don’t know about you, but not much is scarier than spiders (except maybe cockroaches)! With their eight eyes and eight legs, spiders strike fear in many of us. So lets […]

16 Spider STEM Activities and Science Experiments

A few weeks ago I attended a training on early childhood reading. One of the topics discussed was that kids have different ways of learning, but too often we only use one format of teaching the ABCs in preschool. Most of us preschool teachers hold up a card with, for […]

Teaching Letters to a Tactile Learner

A friend of my mine recently found some paintballs to use for kids. They are literally gel balls filled with paint. I knew my boys would love experimenting with them, and I was right! And ever since our ice cream science experiment this summer, I’ve been trying find another science […]

Paintball Forces Science Experiment

On a family trip to New Mexico this summer, we saw a wind farm. My boys were curious how the windmills worked. I told them that the wind made the windmill turn, and the windmill was attached to  a generator that turned the movement into electricity. They were ok with […]

Wind Energy STEM Activity: Building your own model Windmill

In my last post I wrote about a science experiment I did with all three of my boys. Since then, I’ve been looking for other science experiments and STEM toys for my kids to do together. Then I was contacted by Jarrby toys, and asked to review one of their […]

My Preschooler’s Favorite Building STEM Toy

The demand for STEM careers continues to grow in the Technology Age. Yet, companies struggle to find qualified engineers and scientists to fill the jobs openings. I decided to research why there isn’t a pipeline of engineers  for the available jobs, and found that kids lose interest in STEM careers […]

15 Middle School STEM Projects