45+ Hands-on Fun Math Activities to Prevent Summer Slide!

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My oldest is finishing up second grade in the next two weeks. He’s learned so much this year in math, from fractions, to multiplication and division. I don’t want him to lose anything he’s learned this year, but I also don’t want to fill his summer break with math worksheets. The best way for my son to learn is with hands-on fun math activities! Here is a list of over 45 fun math activities for K-2 to prevent your kids from summer slide!

Over 45 Math Activities for K through 2nd Grade | Hands-on Math Activities for Elementary

45+ Hands-on Fun Math Activities for K-2nd Grade to Prevent Summer Slide!


Card Games for Learning Math Facts

True Aim Math Game; An Active Math Game the Kids Love to Play

100 Color Challenge

Math Game for Kids: Fishing for Numbers

Quick Set-Up Number Game For Your Preschooler

Math with Magnetic Numbers 



Make and Play with Shape Dice!

Geometry for Kids: Finding Shapes at the Playground

Finding Symmetry in Nature with Kids


Lego Addition: Add & Fill a Base Plate

Addition with Rocks: An Outdoor Math Activity

Tide Pool Skip Counting Math Game (Printable)

Adding One More: An Easy Math Game

Nerf Gun Math

Math Run-Makes Math Fun While Kids Run!

Math Game Pete the Cat Inspired


2nd Grade Math Activities: Loose Change


Counting Activity: Fruit Themed Count and Clip Cards

Counting Math Game for Kids: Action Dice

Ocean Themed Counting Worksheets to Use with LEGO

LEGO Count and Move Math Game

Watermelon Seed Matching Game

Easy Kinesthetic Math Activity to Practice Skip Counting

Garden Flower Ten Frame

Super #WIKKISTIX Math Wraps – 5 Printable Games!

Data and Graphing

Mystery Grid Art Challenge

Fun and Surprising Statistics for Kids



Fractions Fun with Hands-On Activity for Equivalent Fractions


Backyard Measurement Scavenger Hunt

How Big is a Blue Whale? Outdoor Science Activity

Measuring Tree Height

Nature Math Activities that Will Make Your Kids Love Learning Measurement!



Multiplication Battleship for Math Practice


Math Patterning Game With a Blindfold

Fractals in Nature: A Mathematical Suncatcher Project


Telling Time

Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Clock Game

Any Math Fact!

Add the concepts you want to review to these printable games!

Stand off: Simple Water Gun Math game

Leap into Leaping Flip Box

How to get Young Kids Learning Math – Zap Zap Kindergarten Math App Review