Engineer Mom

  Yesterday our church had a special recognition of the high school seniors in our church who are graduating this year.  As I watched each student walk up to the podium with their parents, I felt a lump form in my throat.  It made me realize how short the time is […]

Life Experiment

A engineering degree completely changes the way you look at the world.  After four (or five) years of challenging course work, every object becomes a “free body diagram”, every moving object has velocity vectors, and you see the inefficiencies in everyday life.  It even changes the words you use in everyday […]

My Identity

 I remember after I told people I decided to stop working, the first question was usually “Why?”. Then usually followed by “It’s nice your family has found a way to live on one income”.  My response was always “We haven’t, but we’ll figure it out”. So that’s what we […]

How we adjusted to one income