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Welcome to From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom!  After being an engineer for over 10 years, several years ago I left my corporate job to raise my three boys.  Since then my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined, but one of the biggest surprise is I never stopped seeing the world with engineering eyes!

Join me as we inspire the next generation of engineers through hands-on experiments and activities! Each activity and science experiment teaches kids what engineering is really about! Find out how some of the toys your kids are already playing with are teaching them about forces, circular motion, energy, and physics. You’ll also find great activities and books to teach kids about specific engineering disciplines, including Mechanical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Process Engineering, and many more! Explore seemingly complicated concepts like friction, tensile strength, and inertia with simple, hands-on activities.

So why write a blog about STEM activities? Well for so many reasons, but I’ll narrow it down to only 5:

  1. Inspire new scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. As technology grows, so will the demand for develop the technology. We need to inspire our next generation of STEM professionals to meet the demand of the future!
  2. Encourage parents to connect with their kids through fun STEM activities. When I first left my engineering career, I struggled to find ways to really connect with my boys. Sharing what I learned as an engineer through fun activities with my boys what my way to connect with my boys. I believe it is a great way for other parents to connect with their kids too!
  3. Enable parents to be comfortable with teaching science, technology, engineering, and math to their kids. A lot of parents are intimidated by what their kids bring home from school. Everything from new ways of doing math, to apps for homework, it all can be a bit much for us parents. I hope you will learn that there is nothing to be intimidated by anything STEM related, and be encouraged to teach your kids about STEM.
  4. Show parents and kids that STEM is a part of everyday life. Its in the toys they play with, and the crafts they love to make, and even some places you would least expect it!
  5. My passion really lies in the ENGINEERING part of STEM education. During my experience as an engineer, I discovered that most engineering jobs are not what most people think they are. I hope is to teach you and your kids of the vast career options available in engineering, as well as the many paths it can lead to. I truly believe that more people would enter engineering if they understood what engineers did, the doors it opens, and learn what it takes to get through the degree.

Feel free to email me at fromengineertosahm at gmail dot com, or join my newsletter for free activities to inspire your kids to be engineers!

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