8 Baby Coding Books

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What if learning to code a programming languages was like learning to speak a new language. Studies have shown that the earlier in life you are exposed to a language, the easier it is to learn the language later in life. So if you want your children to be comfortable with programming when they’re older, it would make sense to expose them to the different programming languages. Now sitting them in front of a computer, and running scripts of code in front of them isn’t an age appropriate way for your children to learn. But young children DO love to read with their parents! I’ve found 8 baby coding books to advantage of the bonding time of reading with your child to help them also become familiar with code!

8 coding books to introduce your baby and toddler to the ideas behind coding, and some simple programming commands as well!

8 Baby Coding Books to Share with your young children

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Javascript for Babies

You’re never too young to become familiar with web design! While reading to your baby, you will be familiarizing them with adding function to a web page with JavaScript. They will also become comfortable with variables and events that are basic code to create their own website!

JavaScript book for babies!

HTML for Babies

Another programming language used to build websites, HTML is essential for budding programmers to be familiar with! Brightly colored to attract young children, the book introduces the basics of the HTML, to enable easier understanding as they grow up.

HTML for babies!

CSS for Babies 

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the programming language that describes how a website will look, including layout, fonts, and colors. CSS for Babies will introduce your kids with visual patterns and symbols, making it easier for them to create their own beautiful websites in the future.

CSS coding book for babies

Baby Loves Coding!

Baby Loves Coding introduces young kids to using logic, sequence, and patterns to solve problems. At its very basis, coding is nothing but logic statements, sequences of events, and familiar patterns. This book is more interactive with a babies world, and uses items like toys to teach logic.

Baby loves coding book

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I received the following books for free from Girls Who Code, but my opinions of the books are my own.

Baby Code! Series by Girls Who Code

The Baby Code! Series introduces babies to code by showing where it is used in their everyday life. For example, in Baby Code! Play a baby is shown swinging with their daddy at a playground, and then playing in an automatic swing. The book explains that code is used to make the swing move, and even shows what code is used! In Baby Code! Music, baby plays a toy piano, while his daddy plays his electric piano, and code for the electric piano is shown by the daddy. Baby Code! Art shows baby doing several different art projects, then shows tools (like printers and tablets) that also create art! Showing children where code is used in their life, they will be comfortable with the idea of code, and even be familiar with some simple commands.

Baby coding book by girls who code
Baby coding book by girls who code, play
Baby coding book by Girls Who Code, art.
Baby code art book by Girls Who Code!

All these baby coding books will make programming less daunting to them later in life by showing them where and how code is used. They are all also very affordable, which makes them a great addition to any home library!

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