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In second grade, my oldest studied the layers of the ocean. As a fun activity at home, I thought we could bring what he learned alive by modeling the layers. As it turned out, making the layers of the ocean was also a great simple activity to teach density for […]

Making the Layers of the Ocean-A Density Activity

My oldest is finishing up second grade in the next two weeks. He’s learned so much this year in math, from fractions, to multiplication and division. I don’t want him to lose anything he’s learned this year, but I also don’t want to fill his summer break with math worksheets. […]

45+ Hands-on Fun Math Activities to Prevent Summer Slide!

“Let it rip!” Anyone who plays with beyblades knows what this means. Any time all three of my boys are together, you can hear their beyblades battling after they “rip” them from their¬†beyblade launchers. Even my two year old knows to shout “Let it rip!” My husband has even joined […]

Easy Beyblade Science Experiment: Explore Different Types of Beyblades