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During Engineer’s Week in February, I wrote about four inspirational women who led me to become an engineer.  These women showed me that nothing stood in my way of  accomplishing anything, except for myself.  They showed me that engineering was a possibility for me, if I chose to pursue it.  […]

Happy Mother’s Day: To the Woman who Inspired me the ...

For many parents, the idea of teaching a preschooler or kindergartner about forces seems ridiculous. But believe it or not, many kids are being introduced to forces as early as kindergarten. Sure, they’re not going into complicated force equations, and teaching them the difference between gravitational and friction forces, but […]

Learn about Forces at the Splash Park!

I’ve taken a small hiatus from my blog since the birth of my third boy.  As my first post back, I am again joining a great group of women who are sharing their stories of motherhood.  With the arrival of a newborn, I find it a little funny the week […]

Motherhood Messes