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**Post contains affiliate links.  For more information please see disclosure.** The first thing people have always said when they find out I’m an engineer is “Wow!  You must be really smart!”.  The truth is, I’m not.  Not particularly smart anyways.  I just worked really hard in college, and stuck to […]

10 Keys to Surviving an Engineering Degree

For the next twenty years my life continued as normal.  I lived a seemingly normal life, singing in my church, learning to play the piano, clarinet, and hand bells.  I had sleepovers, ballet classes, and learned to wear makeup.  I was even given the chance to perform again in the annual […]

Prayers Answered and A Cure for My Hydrocephalus

September is national hydrocephalus month, a condition I have lived with most of my life.  In simple terms, hydrocephalus is an excessive build up of fluid on the brain.  If left untreated, it can lead to brain damage, physical disabilities, and eventual death.  I am very open about my story, though […]

Living with Hydrocephalus and Praying for a Cure

  Yesterday our church had a special recognition of the high school seniors in our church who are graduating this year.  As I watched each student walk up to the podium with their parents, I felt a lump form in my throat.  It made me realize how short the time is […]

Life Experiment