Critical Thinking Quest Box
Our family has been homeschooling for about two years now, and during that time my goals for my kids’ education has changed. Instead of focusing on grades, I want them to learn how to teach themselves. I’ve realized in order for them to be able to teach themselves, they need […]

Grow Kids’ Critical Thinking with Monthly Quests!

natural egg dye experiment
I recently discovered my sons like eating hard boiled eggs. I had no idea they liked them, until joining some friends for a meal that included hard boiled eggs, and my youngest couldn’t stop eating them! So, I bought some eggs for us the next day, and boiled them. Then […]

Simple Natural Egg Dye Experiment

My mother is a retired Spanish teacher, so when we decided to start homeschooling, I asked her if she could give my boys Spanish lessons once a week. She emphatically said yes! Spanish is her first language, and she was excited to share this part of her history with her […]

7 Easy Spanish Lessons for Kids of Any Age!

My family started our homeschooling story last week. We met our co-op group, enjoying being with families again, each of my boys finding new friendships. I’m so glad we started homeschooling with a group of others who know so much more about homeschooling than I do. My fellow homeschooling moms […]

Simple Ideas to teach Atomic Number

One of the areas I struggled with in college was circuits. It was all very confusing talk about voltage, current, resistors, power, and all the other electrical terms. The mystery behind circuits continued in my career, until I met an electrical engineer who was able to equate electrical circuits to […]

Christmas STEM Project for Middle School

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to an inspirational young lady I recently met, Emily Bayuk. I was initially introduced to her through her circuits book ,”The Fundamentals of Circuits Made Easy“. In college I really struggled to understand circuits, and wish Emily’s book had been available back […]

The Best Circuits Book for Understanding Electrical Circuits!

The boys and I have experimented with crystals a lot over the past year. We love watching as the crystals grow like magic. Growing crystals is a perfect science experiment for my oldest, since he is learning about mixtures and solutions at school. In an earlier experiment, we learned Borax […]

Fall Borax Crystal Science Project

Fall is finally here, and the boys and I wanted to start decorating for Halloween and fall. While we could do the traditional carving of a pumpkin, I’m fairly certain knives and kids are not a good idea. Also, I had an unfortunate pumpkin carving incident in middle school, so […]

Melted Crayon Pumpkin STEAM Activity

My middles son is in first grade, and they are starting to learn to skip count. Being a visual and tactile learner, my son needs a different way to practice both counting by ones and skip counting. I tried practicing counting by twos verbally, but he really struggled to understand […]

13 Skip Counting Hands-On Activities

As the beginning of the school year is approaching, and many of our children will be learning virtually, and hands-on learning will be at a minimum. STEM activities are a great way for kids to apply many of the concepts they will be learning from school. From problem solving, math […]

12 STEM Subscription Boxes for STEM at Home