About a year ago, my son and I ran an experiment with his favorite toy, beyblades. The spinning toy is still a favorite in our house, with the younger two boys joining in on the fun! For Christmas, we gave our oldest a beyblade type toy that had some difference […]

Beyblade Experiment: What affects Momentum?

It’s hard to believe Easter will be here soon. I still feel like Christmas was just last week! I need a little more motivation to get myself into the Easter spirit this year, so I created a list of STEM activities for the boys and I to do this week! […]

25+ Easter STEM Activities

After every Easter, our house has a plethora of empty plastic Easter eggs that I have NO idea what to do with. This year I came up with a great preschool STEM activity for my middle son. I used the leftover Easter eggs to make oobleck, slime, and dough using […]

Easter Egg STEM Activity

Our first Bitsbox was a great introducation to programming apps. A must try for kids interested in learning to code!

Our First Bitsbox Experience

Dragons are big in our house right now. My oldest son is reading the Eragon series, and the young ones are huge Toothless fans. The youngest even roars like a dragon all day long! So when I decided to join other writers this month writing about storybook inspired science, I […]

Your own Draco Constellation using Fiber Optics – Storybook Science

I have always loved rain. I love the sound of rain as it hits the roof. I love the smell of rain, and how it refreshes the air. But most of all, I love the rainbow that comes after the rain. My middle son also loves rainbows, so I wanted […]

Make a Rainbow using one of the Properties of Water

Looking for some fun activities to do this St. Patrick’s Day? Try some of these great activities to add some learning to your St.Patrick’s day! St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities! Leprechaun STEM Activities Leprechaun Rocks – Fun St. Patrick’s Day Chemistry ExperimentHide the Leprechaun’s treasure in a rock, then use […]

25+ St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

Try this Volcano Experiment for a STEAM activity and Chemistry Experiment in one!
My oldest had his birthday party a couple of weeks ago. His grandparents know he LOVES science (like his mommy and dad), so all of his presents had something to do with science. This past weekend, we had some time to dig into one, and decided to open the volcano […]

The Anti-Climatic Volcano Experiment

I believe most people over-think STEM supplies. They look to technology to fill STEM classes, and have the best tablets and apps available for kids to learn. But the truth is, you don’t really need all the fancy technology to explore STEM. To me, STEM is about improving problem solving, […]

My Favorite STEM Supplies