**Post contains affiliate links.  For more information please see disclosure.** This past week was Spring Break for my oldest boy. As I faced a week trying to keep my super active first grader entertained, my husband and I decide to instead head to the grandparents’ house in New Mexico.  The […]

Learning about Friction while Playing in the Snow

**Post contains affiliate links.  For more information please see disclosure.** My oldest recently turned 7, and this past Saturday he decided to work on one of his birthday presents.  Everyone knows he loves to build, so many of his presents were Legos.  But one of his presents was a toy […]

The Time my Son Out Engineered Me!

**Post contains affiliate links.  For more information please see disclosure.** Newton’s laws of motion.  The phrase can conjure up all sorts of unpleasant high school physics class flashbacks.  The first law states that every object will stay still, or remain moving in a straight line, until the object is acted […]

Teach your child Newton’s First Law of Motion

Most parents try to limit the amount of screen time their children have each day, but sometimes its hard to avoid. So much of our world is not the easiest for parents with little ones.  Weddings, restaurants, and church are just some of the places that require our kids to […]

9 Math Apps to Improve Your Child’s Math Skills

**This post contains affiliate links. Late last year I decided to try out a Tinker Crate subscription box for my son.  He’s a very active kid both physically and mentally.  I thought the subscription box would be a great way to keep his mind active, while teaching him about engineering.  […]

Tinker Crate: Exploring Polymers

In a house of 3 boys (4 if you include my husband), you can guess that Star Wars is pretty big in our house.  Any given day you can hear my middle son saying “Shoon shoon!”, his sound for a light saber.  And once my oldest gets home from school, […]

Circular Motion with Star Wars

What do you think an engineering career looks like?  When most people think of an engineer, they picture someone working on math equations and engineering drawings all day. They see it as a job where you work for hours in solitude on some kind of new invention.  And that is […]

An Unexpected Engineering Career Option

**This post contains affiliate links** My son loves figuring things out.  The kid can work on Legos for hours on end!  I wanted to feed his love of problem solving, so I’ve been coming up with engineering projects for him.  Each week, my goal was to come up with a […]

Tinker Crate: Circuits and Optics

When my son is invited to a friend’s birthday party, I always try to get the child a toy that inspire them to be an engineer. I’ve found its pretty easy to find toys for boys that will teach them about engineering, but finding engineering toys for girls is a […]

11 Engineering Toys for Girls!

One of my son’s birthday presents this year was a remote control car. After playing with my son for awhile, my husband decided he wanted to have one too, so they could play at the same time. But he didn’t just go buy a cheap little remote control car. He […]

Teach your kid to be a Materials Engineer!