About Me

Welcome to From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom!  After being an engineer for over 10 years, several years ago I left my corporate job to raise my three boys.  Since then my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined, but one of the biggest surprise is I never stopped seeing the world with engineering eyes!

Join me as we inspire the next generation of engineers through hands-on experiments and activities! Each activity and science experiment teaches kids what engineering is really about! Find out how some of the toys your kids are already playing with are teaching them about forces, circular motion, energy, and physics. You’ll also find great activities and books to teach kids about specific engineering disciplines, including Mechanical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Process Engineering, and many more! Explore seemingly complicated concepts like friction, tensile strength, and inertia with simple, hands-on activities

I truly believe that more people would enter engineering if they understood what engineers did, the doors it opens, and learn what it takes to get through the degree.

Feel free to email me at christy at fromengineertosahm dot com, or in the form below!