STEM education is thought of as relevant for first grade and up. But I believe STEM education starts as early as possible!  I love doing experiments with my sons because it is growing their love of learning. They are seeing that learning is not just done within the walls of […]

STEM Activities for Kindergarten

Troubleshooting is a key skill for engineers to develop. For some it comes easy, but for me it was a skill I had to develop on the job. Troubleshooting is essentially trying out different things to fix something that is broken. It is brainstorming possible reasons why something isn’t working […]

Troubleshooting Your Bot

My preschooler has finally learned his alphabet, but is still struggling with counting from 1 to 20 without skipping numbers. This fun and easy activity gave him a chance to work on counting from 1 to 13, and was his first preschool science experiment! Together we learned what the best […]

Easy and Fun Garden Preschool Science Experiment

Awhile back, my son and I decided to recycle some of his old crayons around Valentine’s Day. We tried melting some broken red, white, and pink crayons, and melting them all at the same time. But while we waited for them to melt, we had some unexpected results, which left […]

Rainbow Crayon – a Crayon Melting Point Experiment

I love tying in upcoming holidays with science experiments with my boys. After coming up with a couple of science activities with my oldest, I wanted to find some less complicated science experiments I could do with my other two boys. After my search, I found a lot of great Valentine’s […]

35 Valentine’s Day Science Experiments!

I thought this year my son could make his teacher a special Valentine’s Day card. I wanted to use some of what we had learned about making a simple circuit from our Tinker Crate boxes. So I found a paper circuit kit, and we set off to make a special […]

Make a Light up Card with a Simple Circuit!

During winter break, my son and I decided to work on one of his Tinker Crate projects. Many of the boxes we’ve received have involved building electrical circuits, as did the first project we decided to work on. I struggled with understanding circuits in college, so I love how Tinker […]

Building Electrical Circuits and Playing with Light

We don’t get a lot of snow in Texas. About once a year we get either a light dusting, or a horrible ice storm. Last week, Texas actually got snow! Everywhere, that is, except where we live. But I remembered that Dollar Tree had a kit to make snow, so […]

Making Snow at Home when its Hot Outside

My son loves to work on anything my husband does. And something my husband loves to do is woodwork. The two have built several things around out house, including side tables, a sofa table, and some ramps for their remote control cars. My husband has always had a knack for […]

8 Essential Woodworking Tools for Beginners